Thursday, October 26, 2006

California May Buck the Odds

It looks like California will reelect a Republican governor while other states that are traditionally more conservative may toss a few Republicans aside. Of course, "true" Republicans would complain that Arnold is too liberal on social issues and that is why he will get reelected. And yes, it certainly doesn't hurt -- especially in California. It also doesn't hurt that the Democrats picked a candidate with all the charisma of a backyard lawn chair.

What will happen in other states? I would imagine that the Republicans will lose seats in both the House and the Senate, though I think they will retain control of both. It's possible that Santorum could lose in Pennsylvania, though I've watched a few of his debates on C-SPAN (it's a channel on your cable system) and wonder why it's even as close as it is. Santorum, though you may disagree with some of his views, is pretty sharp.

What 2006 will certainly do is shake things up for the 2008 presidential election. A number of potential candidates have been out campaigning and fundraising during this cycle. Expect to see some of those go the way of Warner when the results come in.

Which brings me back to California. I believe it is possible for a Republican presidential candidate to win the general election in California. Not necessarily probable, but possible. Maybe the future candidate can pick up a few tips from Arnold and pray the Democrats pick Phil Angelides for President.

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