Thursday, October 26, 2006

Finally a Political Ad that Compares with Geico

I've been a big fan of Geico commercials for quite some time -- but not so much that I've actually switched my insurance. It's hard to beat the AAA discount when we take the family to SoupPlantation. At any rate, their recent ads featuring "real" people and celebrities interpreting for them are quite funny.

Most political ads seem to originate from the same two or three templates. Template one: Pick the worst picture of your opponent (the kind that either makes him look like an idiot or a pervert), slightly rotate it one way or the other, and make it black and white. Template two: use pull-outs that look like they came from a newspaper article, make a slamming noise when they appear, and rattle off three or four during thirty seconds.

Basically -- most political ads stink. They're cranked out so fast that all creativity gets squeezed out.

That's why I thought the recent "controversial" ad by the Republican National Committee against Harold Ford was quite funny. Here it is, free of commentary:

My two favorite parts are when the old guy says to let Canada handle North Korea because they're not doing anything any way and when the hunter offers to give up his guns.

It's about time politics produced a funny ad.

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